Prize sculpture:
The Nordic Prize

2010 and 2011

The prize sculpture and logo for 'The Nordic Prize' designed and crafted by Lisbeth van Deurs


Prize sculpture:
The Best Restaurant in Denmark
by Den Danske Spiseguide.


For twelve years now, Lisbeth van Deurs has made the annual prize sculpture given to The Best Restaurant in Denmark by Den Danske Spiseguide. Den Danske Spiseguide also award restaurants with prizes for the best chef, the best sommilier and more. These prizes are all designed and made by Lisbeth van Deurs.





An experiment in passing on images from text to art to image in a chain of thirteen practicing writers and artists. Looking at the work by the end of the experiment, will the essence of thought and feeling remain and survive the journey. The event took place as a marathon over two days. The setting was an old factory, a huge room. Only one person was there at the time. A writer started the chain off with a short text followed by an artist who painted/sculpted or whatever the text. The following writer now wrote from the painting and then a new writer wrote from that. The process was recorded on video. And yes, despite thirteen not so small egos, some essence survived though transformed through thirteen set of eyes and ears.



Cress Poetry


Twelve writers and poets were asked to write short texts or poems on "the fleeing..." The setting was Domkirken, The Cathedral of Copenhagen, The Night Church. The poems and texts were grown in cress and could be seen and read only for one night, All Saints Night, in the church.